About Us


The inspiration for Solar Mite Solutions came from Solar Mite Electrical Contractors, a family-owned and operated electrical contracting company that was established 30 years ago. A man ahead of his times, the founder of Solar Mite Electrical Contractors always believed that solar energy was the way of the future and envisioned entering the solar energy market some day. Thirty years later his vision is becoming a reality with the formation of a sister company called Solar Mite Solutions, which specializes in residential, agricultural, and commercial renewable energy projects. The managing partners of Solar Mite Solutions have extensive expertise in Natural Resource Management, Environmental Policy and Engineering Management.

Mission Statement

As a family owned business, Solar Mite Solutions treats our clients with a level of care and attention that is rare in this day and age. We instill quality, reliability and ethics in to every system design and customer relationship. We strive to design renewable solar energy solutions that maintain a balance between your energy demand, aesthetics and your budget.

We believe that moving towards renewable energy is one of the most important and timely projects that a home or business can take on, for both environmental and economic benefits. Let us show you why our clients choose Solar Mite Solutions as their trusted partner.