Solar Technology

Solar Energy Myths

Solar panels are ugly
One of our solar panel distributors is Andalay, who’s solar panels are a tinted black, slim, and have invisible electrical cabling which make the solar panels appeal to be skylights. Solar panels on houses are becoming more socially accepted every day.
Solar Panels are too expensive
Currently New Jersey is among the top states with an excellent solar rebate program. Combine that with the federal solar incentive and you are looking at a 50% discount. When all is said and done, you should recoup your initial investment in roughly 3-4 years! When you factor in the life span of a solar panel system, which is 25-30 years, you should have a 20-25% Return on Investment (ROI). In fact, in most cases, your solar energy system can provide positive cash flow from the day it is installed.
I’ll wait for the costs to come down
Currently New Jersey’s solar incentive rebate is up to $17,500. That rate is set to decrease in the near future, translating to the homeowner getting less of a rebate. The current Federal Tax Credit is 30% of the install cost. After taking the incentives into account, your solar loan will be paid by your power production and your utility company. Essentially making solar Free.
My property taxes will increase
Actually, in New Jersey, it is illegal for any municipality to raise your tax rate for any solar panels that have been installed on your property.
It’s too much of a hassle
Solar Mite Solutions takes care of everything. From completing your state solar rebate application to testing the solar panels for optimum efficiency.
What if hail or a tree falls on my solar panels
The current class of solar panels are more durable than past models, however accidents do happen and most if not all homeowner insurance policies cover the replacement cost if your panels get damaged. Our panels are rated up to an 80 mph hail strike and 120 mph wind load. All of the panels we install are UL listed.
How often do I have to clean my panels?
Today’s solar panels are virtually maintenance-free. If your panels need to be cleaned, we offer maintenance contracts.
How do I know if my house is positioned correctly for a solar panel system?
Solar Mite Solutions will utilize satellite imagery and on site specialized equipment to determine how efficient solar panels will be for your electrical generating needs. If you are not situated properly, we will tell you!
Will I lose power when the sun is not out?
Depending on what type of solar panel system you have installed, you can either bank your generated electricity into batteries which you can then utilize when the sun is not out. On the other hand, if you have a grid-tied system, you can pull electricity from the electrical network. This is called net-metering. You will still generate electricity on cloudy or overcast days.
Will my roof support the weight of solar panels?
Solar Mite Solutions will inspect your roof’s structural integrity before installing any solar panels. If your roof cannot support the panels or if you do not have the right roof exposure, there also ground mount systems. Generally solar panels are the equivalent weight of a second layer of shingles.