Solar Technology

Why Solar, Why Now?

As we all know, energy rates will continue to rise. If you do nothing about it, your monthly bill will continue to creep up. Another factor that plays into energy consumption is the ever increasing number of products that require electrical power. That trend will continue as technology develops, increasing our demand for electrical consumption.

Solar energy allows people to generate their own clean electricity while reducing their carbon footprint and saving money. It is a clean, renewable energy source that will never be subject to fossil fuel shortages or price hikes. Solar energy will provide a fixed electrical cost for life.

Right now, large tax incentives from the federal government and utility rebates make solar a viable choice for most people. Many systems provide positive cash flow from the day of installation.

Environmental Impact

Installing a system of this size... = Planting this many trees per year... or Not driving a car for this many miles...
3,500 watts = 1 Acre = 19,600
4,725 watts = 1.5 Acres = 26,320
7,000 watts = 2 Acres = 39,200
10,000 watts = 3 Acres = 56,000